Responsible Disclosure Policy

Responsible Disclosure Policy

Reporting Process:

To ensure the security and integrity of our systems, IndianGoodsGlobal (IGG) welcomes the responsible disclosure of any security vulnerabilities. If you discover a potential vulnerability, please follow these steps to report it:

  1. Email your findings to, providing detailed information about the vulnerability and including your contact information for further communication.
  2. Clearly outline the steps to reproduce the issue, including any necessary screenshots or video recordings to help our team understand the vulnerability better.
  3. Assess and communicate the severity of the vulnerability, along with its potential impact on our systems and users.

Terms and Guidelines:

To maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our systems and user data, we require all security researchers and individuals reporting vulnerabilities to adhere to the following terms and guidelines:

  • Ensure that no user/customer data is compromised, altered, or misused without explicit permission from the affected parties.
  • Avoid disrupting services or causing a negative user experience while identifying and testing vulnerabilities.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality throughout the disclosure process; refrain from disclosing findings to third parties without prior consent from IGG.
  • Do not exploit vulnerabilities for personal gain or engage in any illegal activities, including unauthorized access or data theft.
  • Immediately report any unintentional privacy breaches or unintended consequences resulting from your findings to IGG.
  • Adhere to all relevant laws and regulations, including those governing information technology, cybersecurity, and data privacy.
  • Cooperate fully with our security team to address and mitigate the identified vulnerabilities in a timely manner.
  • Understand that deviation from these guidelines may result in legal action being taken, including but not limited to civil or criminal proceedings.

Your cooperation in responsibly disclosing security vulnerabilities is crucial to ensuring the safety and security of our systems and protecting our users' data. We appreciate your commitment to promoting a safer online environment for all stakeholders.